JAZZIZ Johnathan Blake, “Bedrum”

Johnathan Blake, “Bedrum”

Johnathan Blake is one of the most accomplished drummers of his generation, and “Bedrum” shows that he is also a force of nature. This is one of the two solo-drum tracks from Blake’s new double-album Trion; an explosive and joyful percussive showcase that clocks in at almost three minutes. The rest of Trion is an invigorating exploration of the possibilities of the drum-sax-bass trio, with Blake playing alongside two other masters of their own instruments: saxophonist Chris Potter and Linda May Han Oh. Recorded live before a thrilled audience at New York City’s Jazz Gallery, Trion, out now, is the second release from Jimmy Katz’s Giant Step Arts, a non-profit with the single mission to help modern jazz innovators create their art free of commercial pressure.