Giant Step Arts, an innovative, artist-focused non-profit organization, launched by a renowned photographer, Jimmy Katz, presents one of a kind performances by modern jazz masters.


Our Mission

Our goal is to present unique premiere live performances  featuring some of modern jazz’s most innovative artists, all recorded for independent release and documented both photographically and on film. What is truly unprecedented about this endeavor is that the musicians have total control of their artistic projects. They will not only receive all the recordings and digital downloads of their musical output but will also retain complete ownership of their masters. Giant Step Arts is committed to promoting the projects and fostering the careers of their artists by providing them with promotional photo and video material and publicity.

“ I feel it’s really important to support positive ideas in society. As artists, it’s our role to stand for the greatest aspects of world culture. To achieve this, Giant Step Arts has two goals: help the musicians express their full artistic potential and invite additional contributions so we can help more musicians.”
— Jimmy Katz, founder of Giant Step arts